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How to rekindle your innovation culture

How does an established company, that lost its innovation culture along the way, go about finding it again? This post explores different ways that come from both inside and outside your company without breaking the bank.

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Open Innovation: The Cooperathon Approach

Companies and organisations that do not practice some form of open innovation will most likely not prosper or even survive the next decade.
The Cooperathon, and other such open innovation initiatives, serve not only to accelerate innovation in a given society, they also help educate and empower entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs alike who want to make this world a better place.

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Business Experiments: A better way to manage your business?

In our last post we looked at various management approaches to reduce risks. One of them pertained to business experiments. In this post, we’ll dig a bit deeper to better understand this approach. You have most likely heard of business experiments. The Harvard...

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