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Rita Baker


  • Helps organisations create and launch profitable and award winning products and services
  • Experienced marketer and Lean Startup coach
  • Analytics and data based marketing expert

”Marketing is a science, not an art. Its results can and should be measured.”

Make sure every dollar you spend on marketing or innovation has a positive return


  • Start-up marketing strategies
  • Setting up your analytics
  • Setting up constant market information flow
  • Customer segmentation

Lean Enterprise Innovation

  • Lean Startup training program
  • Workshops
  • Lean Startup project management
  • Lean Startup coaching


  • Train the trainer programs
  • Workshops
  • Lean Startup coaching
  • Understand your market

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If you are starting a company in global fast-paced markets where the competition will be coming from everywhere, or even harder, transforming a long-existing company that is now facing global competition, you need to read this. In the last few years globalisation...

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3 Steps to Understanding Customer Needs

The core of every business organisation’s mission is to answer customer needs.  In order to do so you must first identify and understand them. Understanding your customers' needs is essential but superficial knowledge is not enough to ensure your organisation's...

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Lean Enterprise’s Business Model

  You may have already heard about Lean Enterprise but, because it is a relatively new concept, you most likely haven’t yet. What is Lean Enterprise? In short, Lean Enterprise is the Lean Startup approach adapted to large organisations. It has already been...

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