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Rita Baker


  • Helps organisations create and launch profitable and award winning products and services
  • Experienced marketer and Lean Startup coach
  • Analytics and data based marketing expert

”Marketing is a science, not an art. Its results can and should be measured.”

Make sure every dollar you spend on marketing or innovation has a positive return


  • Start-up marketing strategies
  • Setting up your analytics
  • Setting up constant market information flow
  • Customer segmentation

Lean Enterprise Innovation

  • Lean Startup training program
  • Workshops
  • Lean Startup project management
  • Lean Startup coaching


  • Train the trainer programs
  • Workshops
  • Lean Startup coaching
  • Understand your market

Techno Marketing Blog

A blog on marketing, innovation and entrepreneurship

Market Intelligence in Competitve Fast-Paced Markets

If you are starting a company in global fast-paced markets where the competition will be coming from everywhere, or even harder, transforming a long-existing company that is now facing global competition, you need to read this. In the last few years globalisation...

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