Baker Marketing

What we are about

Our Mission

Help entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs’ projects reach their full market potential with the least amount of marketing resources possible. Assist governments, public agencies and NPOs with maximizing user adoption of services that are technological in nature.

Our Values


In our actions, our communications, our work and our management.


We make every effort in the background to ensure you enjoy a simple, effective and non stressful experience with Baker Marketing.

Helping Entrepreneurs

We are deeply involved in the entrepreneurial community with our volunteer activities business plan evaluation (SAJE), business coaching and mentoring (Réseau M, Montreal Inc., e-180). We also created local support communities to help entrepreneurs: Mentors Montreal and the Montreal Lean Startup Circle.

Principal Consultant
Rita Baker

Rita Baker

Rita holds a bachelors degree in economics and a Masters in international business (marketing concentration). She has over 20 years of marketing experience. She started her career in consulting with start-ups, SMEs, NPOs and governments and returned to consulting in recent years.  Rita also worked as Product Manager in banks and large telecommunication firms for over a decade. IP applications, telecommunication, connected objects technologies and innovations are her sectors of expertise in marketing.
These are some of Rita’s work experiences:

  • Start-up marketing strategies for dozens of new ventures marketing mobile apps, market and crowdfunding platforms, online stores, innovative farming equipment, etc.
  • Market studies, strategic, business and marketing plans Québec city (the virtual safe project), numerous SMEs in the communication and information technologies (CIT) as well as manufacturing sectors
  • Marketing department set-up and resource coaching   BabyTel, Indigo Maple and others
  • Marketing Director and senior Product Director Banque Populaire du Maroc, Bell Canada National Bank of Canada and TELUS
  • Lean Startup training and coaching for incubators and a large number of start-ups mainly in technological sectors

Rita is also a mentor with the Réseau M of the Fondation de l’entrepreneurship de Montréal, a business coach with Montréal Inc., an evaluator for the SAJE, an active member of the e-180 community, a co-organiser of the Montreal Lean Startup Circle  and founder of Mentors Montreal

Our Network

These are some of the professionnals we can call upon to help you reach your goals. They are experienced, trusted and share our values.

Alain Dion

Alain Dion

This engineer has been helping companies to innovate and become more efficient for 30 years by adopting a people first approach. Alain is a lecturer at the ETS in the IT and software engineering department as well as a trainer at SAJE Accompagnateur d’entrepreneurs. Some of his accomplishments are:


  •     eBusiness strategy and management – Cirque du Soleil, Téléglobe, SNC Lavalin
  •     Asset management and cost reduction – Desjardins (GTD)
  •     Innovative cost estimates approach – Cirque du Soleil et SNC Lavalin
  •     Benchmarking – Compass Management Consulting
  •     Contract and supplier management – Aéroplan, Rogers, Téléglobe, Transat Tours

Alain is also a mentor with the Réseau M of the Fondation de l’entrepreneurship.

Jean-Philippe Belley

Jean-Philippe Belley

Jean-Philippe is a front end web designer. He can help you with building a landing page, refresh your website or build it from scratch.

Jean-Philippe works with many web editors including WordPress and Squarespace.

Jean-Philippe offers a personalised, attentive and professional service.

Éric L'Heureux

Éric L'Heureux

Eric L’Heureux, senior partner at Intellia Consulting, has over 20 years of experience in business transformation. Before founding Intellia Consulting, Eric has worked for Bombardier, Deloitte Consulting in addition to Telus Mobility consulting practice.
Eric helps organizations to strategically align their operations, to transform and to innovate in order to maximize strategic value. Leveraging an integrated perspective on operations, from the clients to the suppliers, he works with his clients to improve supply chain performance, customer experience, and the bottom line.
He is recognized for approaching key business issues strategically and for strongly involving his clients in the development and the implementation of solutions. Over the years, Eric has led several major business transformations that have generated significant total cost reductions, improved performance, and reduced risks.
Eric holds a Master’s degree in Operations Management (MSc.) from HEC Montreal. He is also involved with coaching start-up businesses (Fondation Montréal inc) and university students (HEC Montréal).

Jevin Maltais

Jevin Maltais

Jevin helps software as a service (SaaS) and Ecommerce sites get actionable business insights through managing their analytics. Jevin also owns Quickjack a software consultancy that specializes in rapid development of web and mobile applications with the goal of helping businesses reach revenue as quickly as possible. Jevin is the founder and co-organizer of Lean Startup Circle Montreal.

Pierre-François Mion

Pierre-François Mion

Pierre-François has been managing digital marketing projects for over 7 years. His focus is improving B2B and B2C marketing processes as well as customer acquisition and retention. His fields of expertise are:


  • Web marketing: Website optimization, web analytics
  • Marketing: Market studies, customer analysis, advertizing content
  • Web communication: Content creation and diffusion, social media strategy
  • Development: Account management, CRM and marketing task automation