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We serve start-ups, innovation programs, incubators and accelerators

Marketing Services for Start-ups

Implementing Marketing Function

Baker Marketing can get your company off to the best marketing start.


  • We will help you with your initial marketing strategy
  • Create a tactical marketing plan for the next quarter which will include the list of all the resources needed along with the most pertinent Marketing Director profile for your organisation
  • We will create templates to speed up your internal marketing learning curve
  • We can accompany your marketing resource to soften the learning curve or complement his or her skills
  • We can assist with the implementation of your tactical plan
Market Information Flow

Baker Marketing can help you:


  • Identify all the important market information sources
  • Set-up semi-automated information capture
  • Develop an in-house market data management solution
  • Choose a market data management application and tools
  • Develop the internal processes to ensure every function uses the available market information
  • Create a maket information dashboard and specific reports
Target Market Discovery

Baker Marketing can help you:


  • Optimise your market segmentation (Are you focusing on the most lucrative markets?)
  • Get to know your target markets intimately
  • Find new target markets (local and international)
  • Develop a foreign market
Web Marketing/Social Media

Baker Marketing can help you:


  • Create your digital marketing strategy (including web campaigns)
  • Create your content strategy and tactical plan
  • Develop, manage and implement your social media strategy and tactical plan
  • Optimise your corporate blog (increase readership and engagement time)
  • Create and manage online communities
  • Set up your analytics function (transactional and non-transactional sites)
Web Analytics

Baker Marketing can help you:


  • Set-up your Google Analytics account and remove most of the dark traffic
  • Coach your internal resources on basic analytics skills
  • Set-up your Google Analytics for your web campaigns
  • Set-up Google Analytics goals for your store
  • Identify and set-up the capture of pertinent metrics for your business

Lean Enterprise Innovation

Lean Enterprise training - The Basics

This is a half day training program that will help your team get their toes wet with Lean Startup basics for large organisations.

Lean Enterprise training 101

Full-day training for your team on the undelying principles of Lean Enterprise and the experiment design basics

Lean Enterprise training for trainers

A three day program that will give your future Lean Startup champions the necessary knowledge and skills to oversee Lean Enterprise innovation projects in your organisation

The Lean Canvas workshop

A half-day workshop, that will show your team the basics of how to use the Lean Canvas to quickly identify your project’s business model.

Designing your business model like a pro

This full day training/workshop will do a deep dive into the less obvious sections of the business model. Participants can choose to work either with the Business Model Canvas or the Lean Canvas.

Desgining your first experiment workshop

A half day workshop, step by step approach to the basics of designing your first Lean Startup experiment.

The Lean Enterprise project

Baker Marketing will accompany your team from start to finish in implementing the Lean Enterprise approach for a specific innovation project.

This service encompasses training sessions to understand the principles of Lean Startup and workshops to learn how to design and conduct experiments. Personalised coaching and guidance to ensure proper Lean Enterprise application are also included.

The objective is to test the Lean Enterprise approach and to adapt it to suit your organisation’s needs. This program will also produce internal Lean Startup coaches that will be capable of coaching other project teams in the Lean Startup way.

Lean Enterprise Coaching

Personalised Lean Enterprise coaching services

Incubators and Acccelerators

Lean Startup Train the Trainer program

Three or five day training and workshop program to enable your team to use the Lean Startup approach with your entrepreneurs. Workshop tools can be used as is or adapted for your customers. You will get access to multiple applications to help your entrepreneurs as well as to a worldwide community of Lean Startup trainers.

Not only is the Lean Startup approach proven to give stellar results for entrepreneurs it also enables your organisation to quickly identify winning projects.  It provides you and your customers tools to monitor progress towards the product/market fit.

The Lean Startup approach is suited to any type of start-up project.

Lean Startup personalised coaching

Personalised coaching to accompany your team members in their work guiding entrepreneurs to bring their product/service to market successfully.