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As we saw in TechnoMarketing’s previous post, business models that currently make the most sense marketing-wise are ones that focus on understanding customers’ changing needs and getting solutions to market quickly and efficiently.
Such business models will have to:

  • receive, process and circulate efficiently a constant flow of information,
  • remove corporate silo walls or make them completely permeable,
  • ensure an unimpeded flow of ideas,
  • make the most of their human resources qualifications,
  • minimize permission levels and
  • organize work to quickly answer market requirements,

Taking inspiration from design thinking process as well as agile product development processes can take us a long way into answering those needs.

Design Thinking
Design thinking is, in short, a multi-step process paired with a given tool box that can be applied to any situation where a creative solution is required to solve a problem. Above all it is a human-centric process both in methodology (in takes into account human nature and human interactions) and in focus (it is centered on customer/user experience).
The major steps involved in design thinking are:

  • Discovery – unleash the minds. Let the ideas/information flow from all sources with no barriers.
  • Acquiring knowledge – When the problem is better defined and embryos of solutions emerge dig deeper to acquire a better understanding of the solutions
  • Iterative experimentation/feedback loop – Implement the solutions that were identified in small iterative steps. Get customer/user feedback at every step and go back and correct if necessary.

Agile product development
Agile product development is a set of processes that allow development of a solution in the fastest and most efficient way possible. Scrums, fast stand-up meetings, are one of the core processes of agile product development. Scrums:

  • remove corporate silo walls,
  • use an iterative process,
  • create environments where exchanging information and ideas is core and,
  • focus on getting a product/service out the door fast.

A future post will delve into bringing together design thinking and agile product development to create a framework for ensuring lean agile selling machines.